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Life is a tragedy and this dismal tale is sold to us in every magazine and paperback: ‘The thousand books you must read before you die’; ‘The ten must-see destinations for your bucket list’. The shape of the story is up then down and the advertisers are primed to sell you the uppiest up that money can buy because the down really is a downer.

Then – against all the odds and in distinction to all its competitors – the Bible comes along and dares to tell a different story. Not up-then-down, not the cosmic frown. Jesus turns things right-side-up and brings the world a divine comedy. So which is it: tragedy or comedy? Read this book and decide for yourself.

“Short, but profoundly challenging – this brilliantly written booklet that takes the reader from Tragedy to Comedy, from Shakespeare to ‘The Life of the Brian’ will make you think very deeply about the story of your life and present you with an eternal choice.”

Rico Tice

“What an excellent, punchy, creative and witty presentation of the Christian story. Divine Comedy is short enough to be read in an hour, yet deep enough to make you think for a decade.”

Andrew Wilson

“Glen always finds new ways to shock me with ancient truths. Without pulling punches or wasting words, Divine Comedy shows that the story of life need not be a tragedy, and raises the curtain on a reality so sweet you can’t help but smile.”

Barry Cooper