What's So Funny About Easter

Love Story

Bread of Heaven

If You Had Been Here


feat. Guvna B

Halloween - Trick or Treat


Getting to the root of extremism


To End All Wars

He Came Down

Santa vs Jesus

Meet the Nativity

“Short, but profoundly challenging – this brilliantly written booklet that takes the reader from Tragedy to Comedy, from Shakespeare to ‘The Life of the Brian’ will make you think very deeply about the story of your life and present you with an eternal choice.”

Rico Tice

“As is always the case with Glen’s work, ‘Divine Comedy’ is thought-provoking, eye-opening, heartwarming and persuasive. Highly recommended.”

Joel Virgo

“This book is about life, and death, and God, and you, and it is a brilliant introduction to what everything is really all about.  Thanks Glen, I hope many people will pick this up, because before they put it downthey will encounter something truly amazing…how God turns our tragedy into a comedy.”
Peter Mead